Look&Feel the Melody of Colors - from the Heart of Berlin

own BERLINEON · 111 €

Life-coloring Experience & HQ Visual Tool Made in Berlin with Love

Take action now and infuse your world with a burst of color! Explore the 11 unique combinations and find the perfect symbol that represents your heroic self. BERLINEON’s life-coloring hero gear, made with love, will elevate your everyday experiences. Embrace the enchantment of „blaues-wunder“ (blue wonder) and see the world through the captivating lens of „rosarote Brille“ (rose-colored glasses). Stand out from the crowd, radiate brilliance, and fully embrace your vibrant essence. The world eagerly awaits your prismatic soul!

BERLINEON ist das erste Produkt unserer BIGLove, gefunden and founded in Berlin. BerlinTina ♥ BerlinJohn haben Ihr erstes Baby zur Welt gebracht. Verbunden mit einer Laser Show aus dem grünen Puppenwagen präsentiert das Pärchen ein Award winning Eyewear-Design, dass die Dualität in einer Stereochromen Supervision vereint. Vollblut Berliner mit Herz und visionärem Investment in best mögliche Qualität als Symbol unserer bunten ewigen Liebe. Nun nach über 11 Jährigem bestehen, mit höchstens ein paar Kratzern, feiern wir unsere beständige Product♥Qualität wie eine lange Ehe mit immernoch der selben bunten Brille. Made in Berlin with Love. It´s Time to Share our Vision and welcome you Heros arround the world to join my BERLINEON Family.

Mit der Geburt von Laser StreetArt aus einem Babybuggy heraus haben wir die berliner Kreativszene erleuchtet. All die neuen wundervollen Menschen und Verbündeten sollen den einzigartigen BLICK auf unser Leben sichtbar mit uns teilen können. Die HERO Effect Eyewear – ist mein eigens-kreiertes Produktdesign, dass dir instant Visuell und spührbar die Power of COLOR verleiht. Become the Master of the Moment. Look&Feel your HERO Vision and State activated. Die Stereochrome Farbkombination färbt dir deinen Tag von grau zu Sau. Geil, dass dabei dein Helden Modus im Gehirn trainiert wird – genau genommen die Brücke zwischer linken und rechten Hemisphäre – Corpus Callosum. Damit steigert sich deine Kreativität, Gedächtnisleistung und Humorgabe. Während du mit deinem auffällig geilen Lieblings Farbenpaar die Welt herum sichtbar verschönerst.

„Step into the world of a hero with BERLINEON EYEWEAR. Designed with the colorful creativity of a big city born child, these sunglasses will awaken your inner adventurer and allow you to color your world. With a stereo chromatic color combination, your brain hemispheres and corpus callosum will ignite, activating your full creative potential. The stainless steel centerpiece featuring the iconic 3D BERLINEON symbol, inspired by Berlin’s world-famous Brandenburg Gate, adds a touch of sophistication and charm to your look.

Crafted from 100% plant-based acetate, these sunglasses are flexible and sturdy, ensuring durability and comfort. The lenses, produced by Berliner Optische Werke, are of real Berlin quality and offer UV400 protection while providing a clear gradient view. With four different lens colors and 11 possible color combinations, you can find your own unique style and mood.

Wearing BERLINEON EYEWEAR, you’ll feel like the hero of your moment, no matter how gray some days seem. These sunglasses are perfect for activities such as supervision, theta-state visual meditation, and creative activation. Over 11 years of quality-approved use since 2011 and over 111 satisfied Berlineon family members around the world prove that these Eyewear are the real deal. Make a statement and activate your creative journey with BERLINEON EYEWEAR.“

In conclusion, BERLINEON EYEWEAR is more than just a pair of sunglasses. It’s a tool for personal development, creativity, and inspiration. Join the Berlineon family today and unleash your inner hero with BERLINEON EYEWEAR.
Licensed Personal Hero-Coaching by the Creators on request.

Our real-life Lovestory´s first creation. From Berlin with Love


our first Baby. Created by BerlinTina ♥ BerlinJohn - still married since 11.11.11


11 years and 111 Hero-Friends worldwide enjoying our colorful Duett-Power to Go.

Combinate from 4 finest Color-gradients , fit for supervision to your Character

100% UV-Block HQ Lenses are Made in Berlin by BOW (Berlin Optik Werk)

100% plant-based Acetate Power Frame - long lasting & flexible for costum fitting

Visual Coaching Tool for your Hero´s Journey of Personal Development

Raised from my enthusiastic teenage Love Idea we mastered the challenge of product designing and manufacturing a long-lasting Gear , wide-view Aviator Frame with multifunctionality in every Part of It. A variety of 4 colors to match our different Moods and Vision Characters. The Frame became set - Today still the one and only First Love Model

— BerlinJohn F.amily, Founder and Visionär